Faith’s Personal Bio

I was born in Rugby, North Dakota into a minister’s family. Growing up a “preacher’s kid” had its good side and not so good side. The family moved as my dad moved from church to church; first Rugby, then Monticello, Minnesota, then Minneapolis, Minnesota and finally Vermillion, South Dakota. Although I grew up in the Midwest it never felt like home. In my teens, I fell in love with Colorado on a trip to Estes Park and in 1978 my dream came true. I came home; home to Colorado.

My childhood was a combination of many memorable times with family, church, and friends but there were also some not so memorable times with people who did immense harm to me as a child. I am a survivor of brutal abuse at the hands of people within the community and the church. The impact of this abuse upon my life shut me down emotionally. Withdrawn, struggling in school, living in fear, and losing confidence in myself, life was extremely hard.

After my second child I sought help through therapy. Thus began my journey of healing. With skilled guides I was finally able to heal from the damage caused by years of abuse. The journey was long. I had a lot to deal with. However, I truly do mean these words: It was worth it – worth every dime; worth every hour of pain. At last I was free to be me – free to love – free from the bondage of my abuse – and free to live my life as I was meant to live it.

I enjoy and deeply love my family; my husband David, my three daughters, two sons-in-law, six grandchildren, and dear friends. Today I can fully delight in all of them without interference from my past. This is freedom.

One of my greatest joys is being able to walk with my clients into what is holding them captive. I personally know that freedom is possible and I understand how hard it is to take the journey, but I also know the ultimate joy that comes in overcoming a crippling past.

I truly believe that what man meant for evil God meant for good. I see clearly how the circumstances of my past have been transformed into wisdom. I use this wisdom in working with my clients. God has redeemed the years the locusts have eaten.