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Unlicensed Psychotherapist

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I was born in Rugby, North Dakota into a minister’s family. My family moved as my dad was placed in various church’s in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota. You would think that having grown up in this area it would have felt like home, but it never did. In my teens I fell in love with Colorado on a trip to Estes Park and in 1978 my dream came true. I moved to Colorado and for the first time in my life I felt like I was home. 

My childhood was a combination of many memorable times with family, church, and friends in addition to not so memorable times at the hands of people who did harm to me as a child. I am a survivor of abuse from people within the community and within the church. The impact of this abuse shut me down emotionally and impacted how I saw myself and the world around me. Withdrawn, struggling in school, living in fear, and losing confidence in myself, life was extremely hard, difficult and painful. 

After my second child was born I sought help through therapy, and my journey of healing began. With skilled therapists and the support of family and friends, I finally was able to heal from the damage caused by years of abuse. I assumed that this time in my life would be about “fixing” what was broken inside of me, but I soon discovered that I was on a lengthy journey of process and discovery. I had a lot to deal with. However, and I truly do mean these words: It was worth it – worth every dime; worth every hour of pain. At last I was free to be me – free to love – free from the bondage of my abuse – and free to live my life as I was meant to live it.  

I enjoy and deeply love my family; my husband David, my three daughters, two sons-in-law, eight grandchildren, and dear friends. Today I fully delight in all of them without interference from my past. This is freedom. 

One of my greatest joys is being able to walk with my clients through what has been holding them captive. I personally know that freedom is possible and I understand how hard it is to take the journey, but I also know the ultimate joy that comes in overcoming a crippling past. 

I believe that whatever man meant for evil God meant for good. God never causes our suffering but God can use it to aid in our healing. My less than perfect circumstances of my past has been transformed into wisdom, compassion, understanding, and hope. What I gained going through my own journey is now the lens through which I see each unique client. 

The journey never ends in this life. Each day is an opportunity for me to better understand myself and overcome any obstacle that I might find myself tripping over. My process is easier now because I know there is always a breakthrough of increased freedom waiting for me just beyond what appears to be impassible. There is always a way over, through, around or under- I only need a little courage, with some help at times, to take it on.

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2007 – 2019

Founder and Executive Director of WOMAN COME FORTH, a nonprofit organization. Through professional dancers, speakers, musicians, and artists, WOMAN COME FORTH leads women through an interactive spiritual encounter with the Lazarus story. The last event was staged at the University of Denver.

1992 – present

Unlicensed psychotherapist working and treating clients dealing with a variety of emotional, spiritual, and psychological issues.

1991 – 2002

Co-founder and Executive Director of JUSTUS UNLIMTED, a nonprofit organization. JUSTUS was dedicated to providing a variety of support and referral services to those with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder), and/or ritual abuse backgrounds, and to providing services to the professionals involved with those patients. JUSTUS’s name and spelling was derived from the Latin word meaning “justice.” JUSTUS’s mission was to return some measure of justice and healing to abuse survivors. At one time JUSTUS offered over 12 peer support groups (many of which Faith Donaldson co-facilitated with a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Social Worker), sent out an average of 400 information packets per month, and fielded an equal number of phone inquiries. The staff and volunteers published newsletters, provided survivor and professional networking, referrals to therapists, and speakers and media interviews. Faith appeared on The Sally Jessie Rafael Show and The Faith Daniels Show, two nationally syndicated talk shows, was a keynote speaker for the Colorado Society for the Study of Dissociative Identity Disorder and spoke at the annual convention of Colorado State Attorneys General and District Judges. Faith presented, spoke, and trained at numerous seminars conferences and churches during this time.

1982 – 1984

Director of Women’s Ministries at Aurora Alliance Church – Aurora, CO. Developed programs and retreats for women, taught and offered spiritual direction and counseling.

1969 – 1991

Co-owner, developer, and operator of Starr Fireworks. Sole owner, founder and operator of Warehouse Fireworks, a regional wholesale-retail firm; The Carousel – fine gifts, pianos, organs and music; The Burlap Bag – music and import items; Dock 22 – an import gift shop; Starr Gift Shop- tourist gifts and Good Times Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant.

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