Rates & Insurance

The Cost of the Journey

It can be difficult to embrace the financial cost for taking this journey. Our society offers lots of ways to spend our money, especially in ways that bring us immediate pleasure. But healing is a process that requires not only our time and effort but also our resources. We would encourage you to evaluate your life goals and allocate your funds accordingly.

A commitment to healing is an investment into your life. We can think of no greater investment since both of us have made our own healing a priority and now enjoy the freedoms of this life which once eluded us. Faith has reflected that “If I had to do the journey all over again I would not hesitate. I would move through the pain and pay the cost because now I am living my life as I was created to live it.”


Neither David nor Faith accepts insurance.


We ask for payment at the time of the session.

• David’s Fee: $190 per 55 minute session. Prorated fee is $3.45 per minute.
• Faith’s Fee: $120 per 60 minute session. Prorated fee is $2 per minute.

Reduced Fees

Faith will occasionally accept clients at a reduced fee. We will look at each individual need and discuss options with you. Reduced fees are on an availability basis. We will also refer you to other trusted professionals should you have a need for a reduced fee that we cannot provide.

Get In Touch


David: 303-643-8633
Faith: 303-885-3498



24000 US Highway 40, Golden, CO 80401

Our location is on US Highway 40, one mile west of Exit # 256 (Lookout Mountain Exit) off I-70 westbound.