Individual therapy is your personal journey. This is a time when you come away from life’s demands
and focus on yourself. When you enter this time you are probably coming to deal with what isn’t
working in your life; but it is also a journey that can offer you more.

David and Faith see the ruts and boulders in the road as an opportunity; a chance to enhance your
life and live it more productively. We do not consider shame and guilt to be legitimate therapeutic
tools. This is your time to discover how the ruts and boulders got in your way, what you can learn
from them, and how to rid them from your journey so you can move through life more freely.

In addition to dealing with the obstacles in your life, having a time to focus in on your issues can
have many long lasting benefits. In individual therapy you can learn how to alleviate stress, heal
old wounds, discover new ways to spend time on your needs, (this is not selfishness but self care),
find meaning for your life, become more open to God and learn the wonderful satisfactions of
giving and loving.

If you fully enter the process, the possibilities for change are unlimited. David and Faith assure you
that they will serve as your teachers, healers and guides with utmost respect and compassion.

It is a journey you will not regret.