Joint Therapy

The relationships you have in life are fulfilling and valuable but from time to time these relationships may need some direction or a new perspective from a third party. Joint Therapy can offer this viewpoint into what isn’t working. Most glitches arise from misunderstandings, confusion, and poor communication.

Conflict resolution can be used for serious or minor issues. Here are some examples where Joint Therapy may be helpful to you.

• Dating or engaged couples

• Friendships

• Work relationship

• Family member relationship

Joint therapy has been very helpful for dating couples as a healthy overview of how the relationship is developing. Dating is fun, experiential, and exciting but it is also growing together and inevitably bumping up against differences. Many relationships end at this point when in fact they could have moved forward into the next phase of growing together. Dealing with the twists and turns in a developing relationship can make a tremendous difference.

If a relationship you have needs a bit of help or a “tune up” Joint Therapy could possibly help in enhancing your relationships. David or Faith can support you and the other person into a more fulfilling relationship with each other.