The structure of an Intensive allows for accelerated growth and encouragement. The format may vary from a single full day to a weekend, or even a week. The schedule for each Intensive is tailored to fit the wishes and needs of each couple. Dr. Donaldson may lead the Intensive alone or he and Faith may collaborate as co-therapists. Many couples find it especially helpful to work with David and Faith together and find it safer to have a man and a woman walk through the challenges of their marriage with them.

The structure of an Intensive allows for accelerated growth and encouragement.

Reasons to consider a Marriage Intensive

Addressing a Crisis

There may be a crisis situation within your marriage that requires more concentrated attention than the usual one hour a week format. You may find an intensive valuable in stopping the destructive momentum that has overtaken your marriage. Follow-up with a more conventional once-a-week process is then more likely to be helpful.

Having the Time You Need

Scheduling a block of time can relieve the pressure of daily constraints and schedules and free you to do deeper work. Some couples feel like they just get going in an hour and become frustrated that they have to quit so soon. It may be too painful to open up a sensitive topic and not have time to fully explore and resolve it.

Speeding up Growth

You may want to speed up the process and try to get things resolved more quickly. Learning-theory research has shown that at times concentrated doses of learning can lead to better results than learning distributed over a longer period.

When You Can’t Commute

If you live in a remote place and cannot visit a therapist regularly, the Intensive allows you to do your work in concentrated doses.

Providing an Oasis

Because of your schedule or need for privacy you might prefer to go to a distant place to do concentrated work. Pastors, professionals, corporate officers or political leaders might welcome such an option.

As an Alternative

In some cases, Intensives may help resolve issues that, left unaddressed, would lead to in-patient care. Intensives offer a lower cost alternative to hospitalization or residential treatment centers.

Other Intensives

Group Intensives

In a Group Intensive up to eight individuals not only receive the benefits described in marriage intensives but they also receive the benefit of others’ support, encouragement and insight. Obtaining these insights from other group members as well as from the group facilitator can motivate and propel you forward.

Often David and Faith will see the fruit of weeks, even months, worth of therapy accomplished in one weekend group intensive. Group members get a bigger “bang for their buck” and leave feeling connected to other soul journeyers along the way.

Individual Intensives

You as an individual may benefit from an Intensive. It can be a weekend, an open ended session, or several sessions over one or two weeks. David and Faith will help you decide what might be the best strategy for you.

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