Marriage Therapy

Couples seeking help are often caught in a blame game. Whose fault is it that we are not happy? Healing begins with dropping the fault-finding and looking for a deeper understanding of the legitimate needs that are not getting met. As those needs are identified and addressed a new cooperative spirit is gradually established and love can begin to flow once again. 

The process is not about blame and fault-finding. It is about healing. 

Marriage Therapy

Often, without realizing it, husbands and wives bring their unhealed wounds, confusion, and unrealistic expectations into the marriage. Resolution of these personal issues often clears the way to a deeper understanding of each other.

Good communication is critical to a fulfilling marriage. It is our job to show you how to do that — how to listen, how to have a voice, how to complain without accusation and how to listen not just to the words but to the underlying needs.

David and Faith approach marriage therapy with the utmost respect for both individuals. Whether the issues feel insurmountable or more like a bump in the road, we will be your guides on the journey to a fulfilling marriage.

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