Spiritual Direction

On your journey you may find yourself in a more reflective spiritual place. You might have expected that finding solutions to your problems, resolving conflict in your life, and working through your pain would make your life completely better, only to find yourself surprised that there remains a gnawing feeling of unrest.

This is your spiritual quest and you must journey it. 

Spiritual Direction

Although this is often true you may continue to feel incomplete. You may have the sense that something is not entirely resolved within you. You may have a deep longing for something more. You may sense that something is still missing.

Spiritual Direction is a way to listen to the deeper questions many therapists may not address. We not only will face your questions with you but we will listen to your needs, beliefs, and spiritual search with honor and respect.

Spiritual Direction has far less to do with religion and far more to do with finding the truth that will set you free, with guiding you to seek with all your heart to find what you are searching for, with supporting you in discovering the still place within you (away from the clamor, chaos, and noise of everyday life) where you can experience the presence of God.

While we are Christians we are not insistent on forcing our beliefs onto you. This is your spiritual quest and you must journey it. However, we will draw from our experiences and our relationship with God to offer you hope, insight, and truth. If you are Christian we will help you learn to use your faith as a blueprint in your search.

We believe that most of the painful questions that arise are questions that call you to deeper meaning. Asking questions like: Why? Where is God? Is there a God? Who am I? Why am I here? Does God care? These questions invite you to enter a more meaningful place in your life. These questions are a gift to you.

Rest assured we are sensitive to this most sacred place which is within you. Jesus said that everything He was teaching was summed up in one simple sentence; love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself. Exploring how to love all three well will ultimately lead to spiritual growth, development, and contentment for your life.

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